More than just a perfume collection, Xerjoff Blends is a journey which transports the wearer into a multisensorial universe.

Xerjoff Blends creates a space for sensory projects that breaks ordinary social patterns and aims at a new equality.

An olfactory venture which interacts with, and inspires, other forms of artistic expression, playing on cultural and sensory perceptions while simultaneously disrupting them by creating new ones and challenging our beliefs.

New and unique experiences are created with each perfume that is born into the Xerjoff Blends Collection, opening doors to endless pursuits including music, cuisine, architecture and art to name a few.

The first Xerjoff Blends venture begins with Xerjoff Blends Rock Edition for Tony Iommi, which sees the Black Sabbath legendary guitarist unify his monolithic riffs with Xerjoff's esteemed expertise to create the first multisensorial interaction primarily between music and perfume in an unexpected and unique olfactory venture.

Xerjoff Blends Rock Edition is what rock 'n' roll in the late '60s was for Iommi, and is accompanied by the gothic notes of the track Scent of Dark, written by Tony Iommi, featuring Sergio Momo on guitar.

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Scent of Dark

A new world first multisensory experience
that brings guitar legend TONY IOMMI

“With Sergio we went over several perfume variations, we tried really hard to reach the complexity I was looking for. The final result harmoniously characterises the dark sound of my original ‘64 Monkey Special’ guitar with spicy, seductive, and rebellious accents paired with leathery accords”.

Tony Iommi