Xerjoff presents the second chapter of the almighty collaboration between the greatest riff master of all time, Black Sabbath’s legendary guitarist and rock composer, Tony Iommi and Xerjoff’s esteemed founder, Sergio Momo.

The new perfume project sees a combination of forces that play on the palindromic nature of sound, scent and sensorial sequences.


“Everything has its own cycle. A riff, a melody, a perfume. In the ‘70s, playing a vinyl backwards was a phenomenon that became a popular way to hide subliminal messages. The palindromic nature of a riff and backmasking became the catalyst for the creation of this journey with Tony.”Sergio Momo

Worshipped for his epic dark riffs and guitar solos, Black Sabbath’s legendary guitarist, Tony Iommi, was hailed as the godfather of heavy metal, deified in his own right.

Deified perfume featuring Tony Iommi is the second venture between the two entities to land in the Xerjoff Blends collection. This experimental experience plays on the palindromic nature of sound, scent and sequences.

Deified can be read both ways, in the same way that a riff and a track can be interpreted, in a palindromic sequence of back and forth, defying the ordinary by exploring new trajectories in the world of perfumery. In order to move forward, we must go back to the beginning, and this is what Tony Iommi and Sergio Momo’s new venture focuses on in the scent, the track and the video.

The immense instrumental track, Deified, written by Iommi and featuring Sergio Momo, will be released soon along with an equally impactful music video.

Tony Iommi - Sergio Momo

“Working with Sergio on a perfume is the same way I work on writing riffs – I live with an idea and then go back to it and try to improve it over time, until I’m happy with it.”Tony Iommi

More than just a perfume collection, Xerjoff Blends is a journey which transports the wearer into universe that plays with all the senses, creating a space for sensory projects that break ordinary social patterns. Part of Xerjoff’s uniqueness lies in the exploration and creation of multisensory experiences through blending perfumes with various forms of art, including; music, cuisine, art, automotive and much more, each perfume containing its own unique chapter in the Xerjoff story told through multisensory experiences to embrace in their totality.

Tony Iommi Deified Signed Collector’s Edition

Tony Iommi and Sergio Momo signed 100 flacons in a true collector’s edition, Deified Tony Iommi Signed Edition features the finest black crystals on the flacon, including a rare skull crystal.

Tony Iommi Deified Perfume

Step into a parallel universe where mystery possesses the mind in a dark and decadent experience that casts subliminal shadows on the wearer.

Coming soon to and in Xerjoff Boutiques worldwide, Tony Iommi Deified is created duality of leather and spice, leaving the senses longing for more in a rhythmic exchange of back and forth.