Where can I find out more about the product I have selected?

You can browse the website for your favourite products or search for a particular product by using the the search bar on

Once you are on the product page, you will find a description of the perfume and its olfactory notes.

For more information on certain products, you can contact a member of the team through the live chat on our website and we will be happy to help.

I finished my perfume and ordered another one. Why doesn’t it smell the same?

Due to the natural ingredients used in Xerjoff perfumes, sometimes, natural aging may occur and therefore can cause the perfume to have a slightly different scent to a more recent batch.

Storage can also affect the perfume – heat and light exposure can have an impact on the natural ingredients and therefore affect the scent as a result.

Why isn’t my perfume clear?

Xerjoff perfumes contain natural ingredients and are masterfully hand-poured into their flacons.

It is not unusual to find small amounts of sediment in a perfume containing high quantities of natural materials, a natural occurrence.

Why is my perfume not full to the top of the flacon?

As common for all bottles containing a liquid, it is vital that there be ullage, a space between the liquid and the neck of a bottle.

It is necessary for any bottle containing a liquid to contain this space, allowing for the expansion of the liquid as temperatures change, or during any type of transportation.

Each flacon from Xerjoff contains the exact amount of perfume indicated on the label.

Flacons are purposely manufactured to be larger the amount of liquid it needs to hold in order to purposely allow for ullage.

Any flacons which are produced containing smaller capacities are discarded directly by the glass manufacturer.

Can I become a distributer ?

For information on becoming a distributer, please get in touch with the Xerjoff team, at

Can I purchase a perfume individually that comes in a set?

Perfumes which come in a set can be sold separately and found on our website, excluding the mixed experience sets: Amber Gold & Rose Gold, and Amber Star & Star Musk. These two sets have been created with the intention of layering the two perfumes to create a unique blending experience for the wearer and cannot be sold separately. 15ml perfumes cannot be sold separately apart from Torino21, Torino22 and Save Me.

Are Xerjoff products cruelty-free?

All Xerjoff products are cruelty-free and are not tested on animals.