Welcome to Xerjoff

Sergio Momo, founder and creative manager of Xerjoff, was born in Turin in 1964, where he took an Arts diploma with a specialization in graphics and design. After attending the European Design Institute in his hometown, he moved to London where he worked for a number of design and advertising agencies

The XERJOFF brand was launched by Sergio Momo with the aim of blending the most luxurious materials to complement the most affluent global lifestyles through the combination of old world craftsmanship, rare raw materials and a contemporary artistic sensibility. The result is a collection of some of the most exquisite, unique and limited edition scents available in the world today

Years of research and development have culminated in a collaboration of leading international craftsmen combining the distillation, blending and packaging of the precious essences created in Grasse, Spain and Italy.
An amalgamation of precious and semi-precious hand cut stones, Quartz, Murano glass, wood, brass, bronze, gold and leather help define each masterpiece which are presented in modern, handcrafted bottles each topped with the signature XERJOFF stopper