XJ Oud Collection

Inspired by the ancient Arabian art of parfumery making, XJ Oud is the collection featuring six indulgent oud-based attars presented in signature crystal vials.

Warda al Oud

Warda al Oud opens with pungent osmanthus and seductive jasmine. Hints of Cambodian oud and tobacco notes are married to bitter roses and establish their auburn scent reign. Warda al Oud is an attar composition of condensed metallic rose embracing the smoky oud and musk which intensifies the incense
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Java Blossom

Java blossom is a unique collaboration of hesperidic Chypre bergamot of Calabria, indolic tuberose, creamy Haitian vetiver and dark oud. Creamy, smoky, milky sandalwood and Indian oud join, enhance the viscosity and add a jovial aura to the sensuality of tuberose and vetiver
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King Masarat

Potent lavender, licorice, and blood orange compose the aromatic opening, all subdued to the glory of Egyptian jasmine and the rose of Isparta. The jovial aromatic floral theme mingles with the bountiful mukhallat of Cambodian, Thai and Borneo oudwoods that exude with the resinous effects of oud trees
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Oud Luban

Oud Luban is a traditional attar blend that borrows spine-shivering pepper, Bulgarian rose and orange blossom within a precisely measured concoction of Indian and Cambodian ouds. Incense and earthy vetiver uplift the smoky boundaries of the oud blend
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Wild pure Cambodian oud distilled from aged oud chips.
Dark, black dark, and green, it displays a highly arcane and intoxicating sensuality merged with the animality of oud wood. A straight ,woody and bitter sour oud, extracted with utmost sincere efforts to preserve the nature and reality of the wood
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Balmy and floral, Black Sukar opens with peony and freesia. A scrumptious atmosphere follows the trend with the growing notes of Laotian oud, and the smoky petals of the Damask rose. The sugary sweetness of vanilla and musk compose the base layer and orchestrate a seamless oriental and floral delicacy
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